Horse Cart – Local Transport in Vrindavan

Horse Cart – Local Transport in Vrindavan

Tonga, Ghoda Gadi, Rickshaw, and Auto are the four modes of local transport available in Vrindavan Town.

I was returning from Rangji Mandir. At Nagar Palika, Chungi Chouraha there are above said local transport available to travel within the town area. Upon the query from Chungi Chouraha till Angrez mandir (Iskcon temple locally known) approx. 3 km journey rickshaw walas said Rs. 60/Rs. 70 for two passengers. And then I saw Ghoda Gadi. Upon the query the owner of the cart Gopal said – Rs. 60. After the bargain he finally agreed to Rs. 50 for two people. I decided to hire the services. After years I was using this mode of transport. Only once during my childhood days, I remember I used the same.

The best about the journey as I was too tired I can lie down for a nap as the cart is spacious. We were only two passengers though at a few spots the owner of the cart requested people for the ride.

In Vrindavan town local transport mostly used is Rickshaw and their minimum charge is Rs. 10/- for one person for approx. half a km distance journey. They charge as per the number of passengers. Suppose you are three then the charges will be high. Do not forget to bargain because it works.

Remember: Vrindavan is an old town having lots of small lanes and by-lanes. The rickshaw is the only best mode of local transport that can take you to most of the tourist places within the town area but yes, a journey of Ghoda Gadi is interesting too for a few distances having wide roads.

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