Holika Dahan (Phalen Village) – A Priest Walks Through The Flames

Holika Dahan (Phalen Village) – A Priest Walks Through The Flames

Phalen village is approx. 50 km from Vrindavan, famous for the Babulal priest walking through Holika Dahan. We hire an auto to and fro journey from Vrindavan for Rs. 1,100 in the middle of the night at 12:30.

At 1:30 am we reached Kosi Kalan via National Highway 2 and stopped for tea and snacks. Phalen village is 8 km approx. from Kosi Kalan. 2:30 am we reached.

The road condition between Vrindavan and Kosi Kalan was excellent, but the next few km were not that good. Traffic was on the road. Cars and motorbikes going towards Phalen village. After reaching the village first, we saw Nautanki (folk theatre) as there was still time (between 4:00 am – 4:30 am decided by the priest) for Holika Dahan to start. And then we saw a glimpse of Babulal holy priest walking through Holika Dahan.

More than thousands of people – locals as well as tourists including foreigners were present.

I was told Babulal priest will come out of a nearby temple and after having a bath at Prahlad Kund walk through Holika Dahan. I was also told that since Basant Panchami he is observing Falahari (fasting) for this day when he will walk through Holika Dahan.

Amazing experience it was for us. I suggest that if you are visiting, try to visit early to occupy your seats.