Bhagat Halwai (since 1795) – The Oldest Sweet Shop in Agra

Bhagat Halwai is well-known/immensely popular among locals in Agra for its tempting sweets.

It is an old heritage/legendary sweet shop in Dayalbagh offering a wide variety of delicacies to customers for all occasions.

Founded by Lekh Raj Bhagat on the banks of the Yamuna as a humble shop in 1795.

It is an old sweet shop from the time of British rule in India.

It’s an old family business enterprise of Agra having outlets at many locations.

Bhagat Halwai is a very well-known and popular name when it comes to varieties and quality sweets.

Very happy to explore such a sweet shop in Agra.

Great location for people around Dayal Bagh area. Well worth a visit!

If you want to buy sweets then yes, this is perhaps one of the best sweet shops in the entire Agra city.

During my visit, I requested the staff to enhance my taste buds with the best sweet products available at the store.

Atta Gond Laddu (Rs. 560 per kg) and Pinni ke Laddu (Rs. 520 per kg) were served.

It was delicious and the quality was very imperial. Had a great sweet experience.

And how much I paid?

Rs. 38 only.

Budget-friendly – isn’t it?

Bhagat Halwai is a like a palace of sweets. Loved it.

Awesome and mind-blowing!

In short, Bhagat Halwai is a delectable sweet shop to enjoy with your friends & family. One should visit at least once.

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