Do You Buy Souvenirs during Your Travel? And for Whom?

Yes, I buy souvenirs during travel. And especially God’s photos for mother because she is religious and unable to travel due to old age.

I am also religious, but compared to my mother – I am less.

I have a habit of buying God photo frames (during visits to temples in various cities/towns) to be placed at the wooden temple (place of worship) at home. I have a collection of God’s photos from most of the religious places; I visited till-date.

Not only God’s photos, but once during the tour to Ranthambore National Park in year 2012, I purchased a T-Shirt with a printed Bengal Tiger as a souvenir for Rs. 350. And recently, during the Shirdi tour, I purchased stainless steel thin sharp brass line Kada/Kara (mostly worn by Sikhs) for Rs. 100/-only.

As per knowledge – Kada or Kara is a protective ring.

Recently, during Gurdwara’s visit to Mira Road, Mumbai I saw a makeshift shop selling accessories/items worn by Sikhs.

Ek Onkar sticker and Khanda – a personal favorite. Sticker for my room door and Khanda to wear around my neck.

Ek Onkar means – God is One or One God.

Khanda as per google search symbolizes – spiritual and secular.

If I remember correctly, my very first thought of wearing a chain was, when I saw – ‘Warrior of the light necklace’ on Paulo Coelho’s blog. I thought of purchasing it, but it was unavailable.

Anyway, what about you?

Do you buy Souvenirs during your Travel? And for Whom?

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