Khasta Kachori – Famous Snack at Chittorgarh Junction

15-minute train stoppage at Chittorgarh Junction. I saw a rush of travelers on the platform around food kiosks for something to eat. I was sure it must some mouth-watering snacks, but what actually is sold I was not so sure. I was hungry. A thought – let’s visit.

Bhajiya and Kachori – two snack items were there. Everybody was requesting either Bhajiya or Kachori. I too requested a few times for Kachori but failed. As the train was about to leave finally I had two kachoris in hand and asked for the price.

Rs. 10/- per Kachori. I paid Rs. 20/- for two. The first bite was good enough to explain the khasta (flaky) variety and not to forget gravy or chatni was not there, but if I waited more, it was added surely by the food kiosk person. Anyway, still, it was delicious. Dal was also inside. Maybe Moong Dal Khasta Kachori it was. It was very nice. Better would be if I had a cup of hot tea also. I suggest not to forget to have Khasta Kachori as food in Chittorgarh if your train halts for a few minutes.

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