My Royal Enfield Motorcycle First Major Expenses

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Disintegrated Sprag Clutch Gear Set Assembly and Starter Motor Replacement

Sprag Clutch Gear Set Assembly and Starter Motor were the first biggest spare parts expenditure for my motorcycle, but by that time I had driven more than 20,000 km without any trouble.

(Starter Motor I changed at 25,704 km if I remember correctly)

The kick Starter Lever was jammed, E-Start button was unable to start the engine.

When Sprag Clutch Assembly was removed, it was broken into pieces.

Anyways, it was solved. Thanks to the company and the service center.

Both spare parts I purchased last year at two different service centers because it wasn’t available. If I remember correctly Starter Motor I purchased somewhere close to Rs. 3000 and Sprag Clutch Gear Set Assembly approx. Rs. 4000.

I prefer to buy spare parts or accessories only from the Authorized Service Center.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark was on the road again. Thanks to the Royal Enfield team.