Turban Tying Competition

Turban Tying Competition, Bundi Utsav - 2011 (Rajasthan, India)

Bundi Utsav 2011 – we all were present at Rani ji ki Baoli to welcome guest, visitors. Tying Safa is one of the way to welcome guest. I was watching as well as learning how to tie Safa. Very colorful, well printed, neatly tied.

Rajasthan tour – The very first one and since Pushkar Fair 2011 there was an eagerness to know about Safa and Pagdi. How it is tied? How many types? etc. etc. – The questions.

There is some difference between Pagdi and Safa for sure. Safa is of 9 meters and the one you are watching within the video is known as Jodhpur Style safa as told by Vijay Raj Singh ji the master of the art. Upon query he shared the knowledge.

There are 33 types of Pagdi styles in Rajasthan and 54 types of Safa styles.

54 styles- Wow said I. And how many I know?

Maybe only one style i.e., Jodhpur style Safa. Pagdi yet to know.

Anyways, as I tour more I am sure I will learn more. Thanks to Vijay Raj ji for enhancing knowledge. I am sure video will definitely help many to learn how to tie Jodhpur style Safa so that next time while participating in Turban Tying Competition they the winners.