How Far is Talwas from Bundi?

Bundi to Talwas distance is 53 km approx.

(To start the journey, you have to reach Ranjit theater. Next to the theater there is a road (Nainwa road) towards Talwas)

Bundi > Kanchan Dham  turn left ( 27 km )

Kanchan Dham turn left > Jaitpur Chowk turn right ( 19 km )

Jaitpur chowk turn right > Talwas ( 7 km )

I and Ashok ji – The guide wanted to visit the Fort of Talwas as well as Dhoolshwar Mahadev temple. We started the journey at 12:15 afternoon hours by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike from Bundi. We reached Kanchan Dham at 1:00 afternoon hours and at Jaitpur Chowk at 1:25. Talwas we reached by 1:40 pm. One hour twenty-five minutes is the total travel time.

Road condition – OK.

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