Bundi to Menal Distance by Road and Driving Directions

Mahanal Temples and Math, Menal, Rajasthan, India

Bundi to Mahanal Temples and Math, Menal is 70 km approx. famous for temples and close to the temples is a waterfall (rainy season). The rainy water falls from a height of 100-150 feet.

Bundi > Megharawat Ki Jhopdia (29 km)

Megharawat Ki Jhopdia > Bijolia (22 km)

Bijolia > National Highway 76 (3 km)

National Highway 76 > Mahanal Temples and Math, Menal (18 km)

I and Ashok Ji – The guide started the journey at 8:15 morning hours by Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike from Bundi passing through Chittor Road chauraha, Ramnagar, Neem Ka Kheda, Megharawat Ki Jhopdia reached Mahanal Temples and Math, Menal at 10:30 am. In between the journeys, I stop at Megharawat Ki Jhopdia for tea at Ram Ratan shop.

Two hours approx. is the total travel time from Bundi to Mahanal Temples and Math, Menal. Road condition – OK.

Note: If you are passing via National Highway 76 you can stop to visit as it is very close to the highway.