About: Tirthraj Vimal Kund

About: Tirthraj Vimal Kund

NandaYashoda, the father-mother of Shri Krishna in Dwaparayuga, made the desire to perform all the pilgrimages.

Seeing the old age of the parents, Shri Krishna called all the pilgrimages to the Vimal Kund and gave it the title of Teerthraj.

There are Siddhapeeths of all four sects (Ramanuja, Madhavgoud, Nimbarka, and Vishnuswami) around the Vimal Kund, and many reputed or established temples and ashrams.

(Excerpted from the book “Mein Kamvan Hu”)

(About: Tirthraj Vimal Kund – The above photo was taken during Braj Chaurasi (84) Kos Yatra)