Brahma Temple – The Only Used to be Temple of Brahma in India

Lord Brahma Temple at Pushkar – a sacred religious enlightened accomplished town and birthplace of Goddess Gayatri. It is said and believed Pushkar is the center of the birth of the Universe, the Head of all Tirth (Hindu pilgrimage), the right eye of earth, and the location of various Gods, and saints who meditated and performed Yagya at this very location. Within the center of the town is a lake named Pushkar Lake. Having the bath within the Lake removes sin as well as evil thoughts.

As I know Lord Brahma is not worshiped in general except at Pushkar but I do not know the reason for the same. I inquired and the knowledge shared by a local present within the Lord Brahma Temple. Thanks – said I.

Once Lord Brahma decided to perform Yagya (sacred fire). After numerous location searches, he finds Pushkar the best place. He requested his son sage Narad to convey the message to Savitri (wife of Lord Brahma) to be present on such and such day (It is believed if the wife and husband are present together and Yagya is performed it is the best to do so). Narad thought otherwise and conveyed the message but requested Goddess Savitri to visit a little late to check whether Lord Brahma waited for her or not and at the same time, and he requested Lord Brahma to check whether his wife obliged his request or not on time.

Lord Brahma invited God, and Goddesses for Yagya. On the day of Yagya, everyone was present except Savitri his wife. Lord Brahma waited long enough for her to arrive and finally decided to marry another woman to perform Yagya. He requested his two main guards, Lord Indra, and Lord Kuber to bring one woman for him as the time for performing Yagya is running out. Lord Indra, Lord Kuber with the help of a cow created a woman and was named * Gayatri. Finally, Yagya was performed. Once Yagya was completed, sage Narad ran towards Savitri and narrated the whole story. This made Goddess Savitri angry. She curses Lord Brahma and others present there. She cursed Lord Brahma from now onwards you will be worshiped by devotees only at this location i.e., Pushkar, and nowhere else nobody will worship you. Thus Lord Brahma is worshiped only at this very location i.e., Pushkar.

* (cow is गाय in Hindi thus Gayatri is named)

Another story: Once at Pushkar Pushpa (flowers) fell on the ground from the sky. Lord Brahma was in search of a location to perform Yagya. He decided Pushkar to visit to perform Yagya as flowers fell on the ground at this very location.

(Not to forget Pushkar is also known as Pushkar Raj (where flower rules) but in short, we say: Pushkar)

Goddess Savitri temple can be seen through a window from Brahma Temple. Savitri temple is on top of a hill close by. Climbing is a little tough as stairs, as well as rocks, are present.

Note: Savitri temple is closed between 12-2 afternoons (1 July – 31 March) and 12-4 afternoons (1 April – 30 June).

In the past various Mughal invaders destroyed and demolished Hindu temples. In the year 713 samvat i.e., 658 (currently 2011 i.e., 2066 samvat as per the Hindu calendar) Adi Shankaracharya visited Pushkar and renovated and re-established the temple of Lord Brahma. The temple is taken care of by saints who are followers of Adi Shankaracharya and are bachelors. It is a Guru-Shishya parampara (The Guru is a teacher in general terms, and Shishya is a disciple) and currently, the 33rd follower of Adi Shankaracharya is the head priest of the temple. During Kartik month i.e., somewhere around October – November a huge festival is organized at Pushkar but 5 days are very special days and a huge number of devotees visit Pushkar especially to visit the Brahma temple.

Knowledgeable journey – said I and I know why in-general Lord Brahma is not worshiped.

Thanks again – said I for enhancing my knowledge. Click to learn more about Brahma Temple.

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