Lassi Chowk – Best & inexpensive Place to Have Traditional Drink

Punjabis and sweet/Heavenly Lassi are synonymous. Served chilled, it’s probably the best way to cool down in summer.

Lassi is a refreshing Punjabi sweet traditional drink made out of curd, mixed with sugar, a little water, and cream as a topping.

Bittu Lassi Wala, Ludhiana (Punjab) is a 40-year-old small outlet, famous for Lassi, Curd, Pure Ghee, Butter, Cream, and khoya.

I with my cousin’s brother reached Bittu Lassi Wala situated at Lassi Chowk, Karimpura Bazar, Ludhiana.

Yes, I have a sweet tooth.

Sweet lassi starting from Rs 20 and Rs. 30 glass – The display board talking.

We requested two Rs. 20 glasses of sweet lassi.

The service was quite quick. Served in a disposable glass (200ml.) with a topping of thick cream.

I had one glass and I was full. It was so creamy. Lassi was neither too thick nor too thin – perfectly balanced.

Great Quality & Texture, Superb Taste, Awesome Essence, Yummilicious, Mind-Blowing, Rejuvenating Lassi.

A perfect blend of curd, sugar, and a little water.

And the price – very correct. Rs. 20 only/-.

Inexpensive and the best place to have sweet lassi. Great feast – it was.

Bittu Lassi Wala – One of the best Sweet Lassi shops at Lassi Chowk, Karimpura Bazar, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Timings: 6:30 am till 9:30 pm (7 days open)

Lassi Chowk is well-known, and popular among locals of Ludhiana.

If you love desi, and traditional beverages, you should try sweet lassi at not-so-fancy – Bittu Lassi Wala at least once.

Note: Visit this Lassi outlet with an empty stomach as lassi is quite heavy as it is a meal in itself.

I think a visit to Ludhiana or you can say Punjab cannot be complete without having Sweet Lassi.

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