Amritsar to Attari/Wagah Border Prepaid Taxi Fare, Distance and Travel Time

Amritsar to Attari/Wagah Border Prepaid Taxi Fare, Distance and Travel Time

It was afternoon hours we were at Golden Temple Road. On the left-hand side, we saw a prepaid taxi booth and thought why not inquire about taxi fares for the Attari/Wagah Border though the wish was to visit the next day i.e., Diwali festival day?

Rs. 100 per person – prepaid booth counter person said. If you book today, it is Rs. 100 per person to and fro journey and if you book tomorrow it will be Rs. 120/-. We booked two seats in advance. Rs. 200/- paid. We were told to visit the next day at 2:00 pm.

The next day at 2:00 pm we reached the same location and showed the pre-paid receipt. After a few minutes, there were a few more guys. They were also joining for the Attari/Wagah Border visit via the same taxi. In total there were 10 tourists if I am correct and the taxi driver. We had a little walk to reach a taxi stand and then within the taxi – a jeep. The journey started at 2:30 pm and reached Wagah Border at 3:45 pm approx. 600 meters before Attari/Wagah Border. The taxi was parked by the driver and we walk towards Attari/Wagah Border. It was a nice 32 km journey as per the display board but the driver said – a 35 km journey. Very useful prepaid taxi service. After Attari/Wagah Border Ceremony we re-started the journey and by 6:30 pm we were back nearby Golden Temple, Amritsar.

The prepaid booth is open for 24 hours – said the counter person.

Then one day I thought to inquire: Is there any bus for Attari/Wagah Border from Amritsar Bus Stand?

Yes, said the conductor standing at Shaheed Madan Lal Dhingra Interstate Bus Terminal nearby Sangam cinema. Fare – Rs. 30/-per person one-way journey.

But I am still not that sure about the bus because I haven’t seen any bus nearby Attari/Wagah Border but still will try a bus journey one day.

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