Applique Work at Pipili

Applique Work at Pipili

While returning from Sun Temple in Konark, we stopped at Pipili – famous for applique work. Local residents of Pipli are well known for colorful art on clothes locally known as Chandua. They are also excellent at making colorful umbrellas, decorative wall hangings, carpets, chandeliers, lady’s purses, pillow covers, and many other attractive items. Pipli is well known all over the World for artistic applique work. If you are in Puri Town (Pipili approx. 50 km distance), try to visit Pipili to appreciate this fantastic art. Men of Pipili are more into this art form than women which is new and interesting knowledge. The Kings of Pipili set up the village, especially for applique artists. Must visit for sure.


  1. Fascinating! I would be curious to see an umbrella with a similar design. Thanks for the post, if I’m ever at Puri, I’ll make sure to visit this place.

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