Review: Gayatri Chaat Bhandar (54-Year-Old) in Aurangabad

Review: Gayatri Chaat Bhandar (54-Year-Old) in Aurangabad

Gayatri Chaat Bhandar is one of the oldest and one of the best in Aurangabad. If you are in Aurangabad, especially at Gulmandi this is the must-visit renowned eatery. It is a kind of Landmark. A hot spot for foodies.

Authentic, Tasty, Crispy, Yummy, and Mouth-Watering Hot Kachori, Samosa, Aloo Vada & Moong Bhaji.- Rs. 20 each.

Waiting time is there because shop space is limited having small sitting area. Parking space is also less. They too fry Kachoris in a shop opposite.

Quite crowded at peak hours.

Only cash is accepted.

The staff is humble.

To reach Gayatri Chaat Bhandar, hire a sharing auto for Rs. 10 from Kranti Chowk for Gulmandi.

Timings: 11 am till 11 pm.

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