Recently, I Had The Costliest Vada Pav in Mumbai Till Date

Numerous times I have crossed Vile Parle (West) and seen a crowd, mostly college-goers outside a stall but was not aware that it is Anand Dosa and Vada Pav Stall – one of the most famous stalls located opposite Mithibai College.

Finally, Unlock 2021 in Maharashtra, and I decided to visit.

It was raining, but still, there was a rush of people and parked vehicles outside the stall.

The very first eye contact was with a menu card proudly stating – Best Vada Pav by Bombay Times.

What to request? Because there were so many types of Vada Pav written on the menu pamphlet.

Decided. I will request for Schezwan Cheese Grill Vada Pav.

The price? – Rs. 70.

Little costly – a thought because, as per my personal experience, usually Vada Pav in Mumbai you will have for maximum Rs. 25 only.

I remember, at Ashok Vada Pav (very popular in Mumbai) near Kirti College, Dadar, close to Shree Siddhivinayak temple, I paid Rs. 25 only for a Vada Pav, and it was fresh, hot, and excellent in taste.

Anand Stall also serves Butter Vada Pav for Rs. 25/-. only but the one I have requested is different from the normal one.

10 minutes, approx. waiting time and finally, Schezwan Cheese Grill Vada Pav was served. Hot with butter on top. Very crispy, very tasty, and not spicy. Recommended for sure, but yes, the costliest Vada Pav I ever had in Mumbai till-date.

As I was hungry, I decided to have – Veg. Cheese Grill Sandwich too. The cost again for me is costly for sure – Rs. 170/- but at the same time, when it was served, I saw, it is 3 slices of bread cut into 12 pieces, filled with boiled potato, onion, tomato, capsicum and butter, coriander groundnut chutney, cheese and chat masala.

Stomach full. Quite heavy. A good meal. I was unable to finish it. Good for 2 people. Requested to parcel it. Great value for the price.

The next day, again the wish was to re-visit Anand Stall to try other different Vada Pav available. This time I requested Mayo Cheese Schezwan Grill Vada Pav. And the cost – Rs. 80/-.

The taste? I don’t like Mayo (Mayonnaise) because of its sour taste so I will say – Ok Ok.

Anyway, in short, Anand Stall serves freshly cooked, hot, less spicy fast food.

If you are searching for mouth-watering, lip-smacking street food, this stall is for you.

Anand Stall is open from 8 am till 12 in the night. 7 days open.

Vile Parle is the nearest local train station. 10 minutes walking and you are at Anand Stall.

You will be amazed to know that Anand Stall is a more than 40 years old stall.

It serves 65 types of Dosas, 10 types of Uthappam, more than 30 types of Sandwiches, 13 types of Vada Pav, and 42 types of Frankie – all under one roof. Amazing, isn’t it?

BBC Hindi considers Anand Stall to be one of the best street food loved by celebrities.

Awarded first runner-up in the best Vada Pav category by Bombay Times in 2008.

The Guardian News rates Anand Stall as one of the 10 best street foods in Mumbai.

Anand Stall is also at Vile Parle (East) near Hanuman road. Maybe someday I will visit for sure.

And not to forget, the staff is very polite and hard-working, which I like the most.

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