My Everyday Morning Natural Refreshing Drink & Street Food in Shirdi

My Everyday Morning Natural Refreshing Drink & Street Food in Shirdi

I stayed in Shirdi (Maharashtra) for four days. My morning starts with tea at Yewale Amruttulya – open from 5:30 am till 11 pm and then as there was no option of breakfast (though lunch/dinner was available) at the hotel, I walk a little bit via Kote Galli to reach Shri Mahalaxmi temple.

Nearby Shri Mahalaxmi temple, opposite Chaha House is Junaid’s tender coconut stall – for 5 years.

Junaid - Nariyal Paani Wala, Next to Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir, Opposite - Chaha House, Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Junaid rides a Royal Enfield motorcycle and opens his tender coconut stall from 8 am till 9 pm daily.

The cost of tender coconut water is between Rs. 40 – Rs. 80.

I tried all. Rs. 80 tender coconut was too big in size but not that refreshing. Rs. 50 was the best.

In Mumbai, in the morning hours, I drink almost every day tender coconut water and the price is the same – Rs. 40 and Rs. 50.

Tender Coconut from Mysore is the best as per Mumbai tender coconut stall owners and also as per Junaid.

After having tender coconut water, I walk towards Mahalaxmi Tiffin Center i.e., next to Junaid tender coconut stall to have Dosa or Vada or Idli.

Mahalaxmi Tiffin Center opens from 6 am to 1 pm, run by family members for 12 years.

Lady prepares dosa and her husband – Vada. Two members of the family serve customers.

The cost of Dosa is – Rs. 30, Vada and Idli – Rs. 20.

Dosa was good but my personal favorite was Vada at Mahalaxmi Tiffin Center.

Other than tender coconut water, hot/cheap/crispy street food options especially in the early morning hours, if you like fruits, you can have Ber (Indian jujube) – Rs. 50/Kg and Peru (Guava/अमरुद) – 5/6 for Rs. 40/50/80 (you have to bargain) available nearby temple area.

Ber (Indian jujube) at Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Peru (Guava) in Shirdi, Maharashtra, India

Shirdi is famous for Ber (Indian jujube) and Peru i.e., Guava (अमरुद). During the village visit, I saw Guava farming in-around Shirdi.

I remember during a visit to Deeg (Bharatpur, Rajasthan), I purchased Ber for Rs. 20 per kg but that was in the year 2014. If I compare the size and color of the Ber in Deeg and in Shirdi – There is a big difference.

Shirdi’s Ber is bigger and green in color though Deeg Ber is yellow in color and smaller in size.

Tastewise which one is better – I can’t say. Yet to taste Shirdi’s Ber.

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