How I reached Mumbai from Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary)?

Mumbai from Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary) – My train 11302 UDYAN EXPRESS was from DAUND JN (DD) to Mumbai.

Scheduled Departure: 14:35.

I requested Agnipankh Homestay (Kumbhargaon) owner Sandip Nagare (also a Bird Guide) to arrange an auto for me for Bhigwan at 11:30 am.

He immediately arranged an auto over the phone.

11:30 am sharp an auto was at Kumbhargaon and we were towards Bhigwan. Thanks to Sandip.

It took approx. 25 minutes to reach Bhigwan as the road from Kumbhargaon to the highway is not in that good condition.

The auto dropped me in front of Diamond Gym., Sai Plaza, Bhigwan to catch the state transport bus for Kurkumbh.

Rs. 250 paid.

Now I and an old man was standing on the highway waiting for a state transport bus (red color) to arrive.

After standing for a few minutes and no arrival of the bus the old man suggested taking a lift from any coming truck.

Within minutes we were in a truck and towards Kurkumbh.

40 minutes journey. We reached near Bhimrao Ambedkar Chowk, Kurkumbh. I paid Rs. 30 to the truck driver.

At Bhimrao Ambedkar Chowk I have to wait for a few minutes for the arrival of the state transport bus for Gol Ground, Daund.

Within 15 minutes I reached Gol Ground, Daund.

Bus fare from Bhimrao Ambedkar Chowk, Kurkumbh to Gol Ground, Daund – Rs. 20 only.

Road condition – not satisfactory.

And finally walked for 15 minutes to reach Daund Junction at 13:35.

Total travel time from Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary) to Daund Junction was 2 hours approx.

The scheduled arrival of 11302 UDYAN EXPRESS at Mumbai from Daund Junction was 20:15.

Total travel time from Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary) to Mumbai was 9 hours approx.

Thus, I reached Mumbai solo from Kumbhargaon (Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary).

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