Lord Khandoba Temple – A favoured Place of Shirdi Sai Baba

Lord Khandoba Temple (Ph: 02423-258455) is situated west side of State Highway 10. Not too far from the Saibaba Temple.

Lord Khandoba is Lord Shiva‘s incarnation created by Lord Brahma to kill Mani and Mall two demons.

Mani and Mall two demons were killed by Lord Khandoba on Champa Shashasti day. Each year people celebrate Champa Shashasti day by walking over the coal fire present within Agni-Kund (fire-place) at Lord Khandoba temple premises. It is said after killing demons Lord Khandoba danced over the fire. Since that day the tradition has continued.

This year Champa Shashasti is on 12th December 2010.

Baingan ka bharta (eggplant dish), and Baajre ki roti (millet flour bread) are offered to Lord Khandoba on this special day.

Sai Baba while accompanying Chand Bhai baraat (wedding procession) stopped at Khandoba (Guru of Sai Baba) temple. Mhalsapati was the priest of the temple. On seeing Fakir within the temple premises, he said ‘Aao Sai’ and ‘Sai’ had been named. Since then Baba resided in *Dwarkamai bearing the name Sai. Mhalsapati later becomes the disciple of Sai Baba. Khandoba temple is a favored place of Sai Baba.

At Jejuri approx. 40 plus km from Pune (Maharashtra) there is a famous temple of Lord Khandoba which is supposed to be the origin of Lord Khandoba.

*Dwarkamai is situated within Sai Baba temple premises, Shirdi. Sai Baba stayed here for 60 years. The Shila i.e., stone where Saibaba used to sit is at Dwarkamai and the sacred fire lit by Baba is burning till-date. Baba used to give Udi i.e., ash to the devotees to solve their problems.

Knowledge enhanced – said I. Thanks to the priest for sharing the History of Lord Khandoba Temple. And the wish to visit Lord Khandoba Temple, Jejuri (Maharashtra). Will visit for sure – said I.

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