Hurray!!! – My 3A Train Ticket (Mumbai-Latur) Upgraded to 2A

Recently, I was invited by Pravin – a farmer from Ambajogai (Maharashtra) to visit his farm to join the hurda party.

As it will be a new experience, I immediately said – Yes, I am coming.

The day of the hurda party was not too far, I checked options of traveling to Ambajogai from Mumbai.

A/C Sleeper (2+1) night buses were available via redBus but as the journey was between 12 – 15 hours, I thought of a journey via night train from Mumbai to Latur (530KM / 9 hours 25 minutes) and then from Latur to Ambajogai by bus.

02043 / CSMT BIDR SPL – few Sleeper berths were available but the conversation between Pravin and myself about – How to reach Ambajogai? Where to stay in Ambajogai? – took time and Sleeper berth was fully booked.

What next? – I want a confirmed train ticket.

AC 3 Tier Train Ticket from C SHIVAJI MAH T (CSMT), Mumbai till LATUR (LUR) was available.

I immediately reserved it via

Rs. 940.89 – paid.

Train scheduled departure time was at 9:00 pm from C SHIVAJI MAH T (CSMT), Mumbai.

At 5:32 pm I received an SMS stating – Your ticket has been upgraded to the higher class and you are allowed to travel in the higher class without paying any extra cost.


I was very much happy-happy.

If I remember correctly, this was the third time – ticket up-gradation to higher class is happening in the last 10+ years of the journey by train.

Note: The fare from Mumbai-Latur AC 2 Tier (2A) train ticket is approx. Rs. 1250. During booking train ticket via, under Other Preferences, there is an option to Select – Consider for Auto Upgradation.

Though I started traveling via Sleeper berth years ago but then during summer days, due to hot & humid weather, I selected journey via AC 2 Tier berth but as the weather is good nowadays, I opted for Sleeper berth again. As a Sleeper berth was not available, I have to buy AC 3 Tier Train Ticket but never imagined a 3A ticket will be upgraded to 2A.

Thank you Indian Railways. Thank you very much.

Not to forget – The train was on-time and super clean (including the toilet). Thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

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