About: Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Established in 1950)

About - Sanjay Gandhi National Park (Established in 1950), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Surrounded on all four sides by a city and a bay, Sanjay Gandhi National Park must be unique of its kind. Established in 1950, to date, this national park is functioning as the lungs of Mumbai. Spread over a 104 Square Kilometer area, this vast national park holds specimens of the various types of forests found all over the country. 40 types of animals, 300 types of birds, 38 types of reptiles, 1000 species of trees, and 150 species of butterflies are the glory of this national park. The Kanheri Caves area of the National Park was developed in the 4th century. The greatest gift of this forest to Mumbai and its suburbs are the Tulsi and Vihar lakes situated in the lap of this forest. Mumbai and its suburbs are supplied with water from these lakes.

One would think, What can I do for this park? The answer is very simple. Visit this national park often. Gather knowledge of the birds and animals found here. Believe that this forest is ours and it’s our responsibility to protect it. Come on then! Let’s visit the national park again and again!