About: Jogeshwari Caves – Excavated during 6th Century A.D.

About - Jogeshwari Caves (Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra, India)

Jogeshwari Caves excavated during 6th century A.D. is one of the finest specimen of Brahmanical rock-cut architecture and bears similarity with Elephanta (Cave no. 1) and Dhumarlena (Cave no. 29) at Ellora. On plan, it consists of agramandapa, mukhamandapa and garbhagriha. Vakataka and later Vakataka influence can clearly be noticed in its architectural planning and sculptural execution. Some scholars believe that the caves were excavated under the patronage of Maurya of Konkan, Kalachuri (Traikutakas). Jogeshwari cave is adorned with a few beautiful sculptural representations of Lakulisa, Kalyansundarmurti, Shiv Parvati playing dyuta, Natraja, Ravananugraha, Makartornas, Ayudhpurushas, Dwarapalas, etc.

It was declared as a protected monument of national importance by the Archaeological Survey of India, vide gazette notification no. 2704 – A, dated 26.05.1909.

(Source: Archaeological Survey of India, Mumbai Circle)