About: St. Patrick’s R.C. Church – ESTD. 1852 A.D.

About: St. Patrick’s R.C. Church – ESTD. 1852 A.D.

St. Patrick’s R.C. Church and the Bungalow No. 38 belong to the society of Shimla Chandigarh Catholic Diocese (ESTD. 1852 A.D.)

This heritage R.C. Church was the first Garrison Church, built in Dagshai by the Irish Soldiers with a cost of Rs. 5030/- from their salaries in the year 1852 A.D.

The gothic architect used Choona Mitti to clip together, the stone structure, heavy slate roofing, Single stone piece cross, wooden ceiling, red stone flooring, and seasoned teak wooden windows, doors, furniture, the Italian marble Altar in memory of Lt. Marry Rebeca, the stone Baptismal pond, the statue of Mother Mary with child Jesus, the picture of St. Patrick the patron of this Church and the way of the cross are antique & of great significance. In this Church Mr. James Daly the Irish freedom fighter has his last farewell ceremony on 2nd Nov. 1920.

The Holy Mass – Sunday 10.00 a.m.

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