Dal Pakwan and Pakodi for Breakfast

Dal Pakwan and Pakodi for Breakfast

Morning hours we were at Waiting Room, Ahmedabad Railway Station waiting to catch our next train. We made ourselves fresh by having a hot water bath and then I was hungry. Upon query, I was told to visit Revdi Bazar opposite the entry gate of the railway station. Just approx. 100 meters walk and I saw the crowd at a few stalls. We inquired about the food.

Dal Pakwan and Pakodi he said.

We ordered two plates. Dal Pakwan – Rs. 20/- per plate and Pakodi Rs. 15/- per plate.

It was a new dish as I never had Dal Pakwan before. Interesting it was. These makeshift shops are open from 7 am to 11 am only. By afternoon hours food is finished.

And how can I forget the Hot ‘Jalebis‘ I had from Hari Om shop almost opposite railway station for Rs. 10/-. Rs. 120 kg he said. Delicious it was. I like Hot Jalebis.

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