Sri Kilkari Baba Bhaironath Ji Pandav Kalin Mandir – Pandav brought Bhairav from Kashi (Varanasi)

Sri Kilkari Baba Bhaironath Ji Pandav Kalin Mandir near Purana Quila – I planned to visit.

I read that this temple has been in existence since the time of the Mahabharat and liquor is offered here to the deity.

Alighted at Supreme Court (Pragati Maidan) metro station and hired an auto for Rs. 50 to reach Sri Kilkari Baba Bhaironath Ji Pandav Kalin Mandir also known as Bhairav Mandir.

Offered prayers and had talks with Mahant Shri Ganganath Ji to know the history of Sri Kilkari Baba Bhaironath Ji Pandav Kalin Mandir.

Bhairav has 52 forms and is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Here in this temple, it is in Kilkari Bhairav.

Pandav‘s brother Bhim brought Bhairav from Kashi (Varanasi) here because demons had created havoc in-around the area.

Bhairav did kilkari (scream/roar) here thus, all demons ran away, and Bhairav was known as Kilkari Bhairav.

Sunday is considered the auspicious day for Kilkari Bhairav. Devotees offer hard liquor as well as milk to Baba Bhairav.

In tantra puja, there is a provision for liquor.

Bhairav temple is one of the few temples in India where devotees offer alcohol to the deity which is later returned to distribute as holy Prasad (a devotional offering made to a God) among devotees and the poor.

Unique rituals. This temple is one of the fine examples of Incredible India.

Thank you Ganganath Ji for narrating history in short. Donation offered.

Note: The main temple was closed due to the current pandemic.

Timings: 5 am till 8 pm (7 days open).

And not to forget to have Urad Dal Kachori (2 pcs. for Rs. 20) available on Saturday and Sunday at a shop inside the temple premises – 40 years old shop. It opens at 5:30 am and runs till late evening hours.

While returning I decided to catch the metro from Indraprastha metro station.

I hired an auto and from Bhairav temple till Indraprastha metro station, I paid Rs. 40.

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