Luggage Storage Facility at New Delhi Railway Station

Luggage Storage Facility at New Delhi Railway Station

We arrived at New Delhi Railway Station via train. After a few hours, another train for the next journey, and in between hours we wanted to visit Janpath behind the LIC building, Connaught Place for shopping. Janpath has been my favorite since childhood because of cheap shirts and t-shirts. But where to deposit luggage?

And then a thought why not deposit luggage at Cloak Room?

Mostly Cloak Room is situated on platform No. 1. We have to walk a little to reach almost the end of platform no. 1 (towards Desh Bandhu Gupta bridge) to find the Cloak Room and a long queue. I saw travelers filling up a form. I too found it at the entrance of the Cloak Room. It is known as Cloak Room Requisition Slip. Details (ticket number the most important one) were filled up and in a queue. Very soon maybe within 10 minutes, I was inside the room. They checked the slip, luggage, locks, and mentioned details in their register. I walk inside to place the luggage on one of the shelves.

Note: They don’t take luggage without locks.

For the first 24 hours, they charge – Rs. 15 per package.

Second 24-hour Rs. 15 + 20 i.e., Rs. 35 per package.

And all added 24 hours – Rs. 35 + 20 i.e., Rs. 55 per package.

As we have to deposit luggage in less than 24 hours we paid Rs. 30 for two packages.

In short, what I want to say is: This is an excellent facility at the New Delhi Railway Station, and when I returned the luggage was safe. I was happy. It was time to catch another train. Thank you, Indian Railways.

Note: Cloak Room facility is also available at platform no. 16 (Ajmeri Gate side).

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