Pyaz Paratha with Tea at Markanda Paradise Restaurant, Nahan

Pyaz Paratha with Tea at Markanda Paradise Restaurant, Nahan

During the Chandigarh to Rishikesh motorbike journey or vice versa, I try to stop at Markanda Paradise Restaurant, Nahan for breakfast/lunch or snacks. Though no display board, not to worry – quick service and a budget restaurant for budget travelers.

It was 2:00 pm and I was hungry. As I had completed only half of the journey, I decided to have some light food. What better than Pyaz (onion) Paratha with achar and tea – favorite if it is HOT and then the tea will be Double.

Cost – Rs. 30 per Onion Paratha and Rs. 20 for double tea. That’s it.

Vijay Bahadur Rana though is getting old but is always quick in service. He is the only person who enhanced my knowledge about the river that flows in front of his restaurant and the name is Markanda River. Only during the rainy season a good amount of water is in the river.

So if you are passing via this route which is National Highway 72 you may stop at this location popularly known as Markanda bridge near Nahan town (visible from this location on top of the mountain) to refresh yourself. Enjoy.

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