One of The Best & Famous Eating Places in around Chandigarh

One of The Best & Famous Eating Places in around Chandigarh

During the Chandigarh tour, I inquired with local friends about famous eating places in around Chandigarh because the food in North India I find one of the best especially street food, though I like homemade food.

The list was prepared by a friend. Thank you – said I.

A few of the eating places I visited and a few are yet to be visited.

Pal Dhaba, Sector-28 D was the first restaurant visited.

We were three and the menu:

Chicken Curry, Mutter Paneer, Kadhi, and Tandoori Roti.

The total amount was Rs. 650/- for three people.

My favorite was Kadhi, especially Pakora. Very tasteful.

One evening I was interested in having Chaat and as per the list:

Garg Chaat, Sector-23 C (since 1968)

I had Moong Dal Tikki Chaat and later Gol Gappe.

Cost – Rs. 30 for Chaat and Rs. 20 for 6 Gol Gappe.

Special Dake Wali Kulfi is specially mentioned in the menu for summer days maybe.

Moong Dal Tikki was crispy and my favorite.

Eating House, Sector-22 D, Shop No. 50

Another day, another eating place.

I had Aaloo Tikki Chaat and Gol Gappe

Rs. 30 for Chaat and Rs. 20 for 5 Gol Gappe.

Regarding Chaat and Gol Gappe both the above-mentioned places are good.

Eating House one can also have Noodles, Kadhi Chawal, Chole Chawal, etc., etc.

Tehal Singh’s, Sector-22B

I check the menu and I order something special from Tehal Singh’s i.e.,

Murg Tehal Singh’s Special, Tandoori Roti, and Mirinda.

Cost – Rs. 311/-

Tehal Singh’s is special. Murg (chicken) was very very tasty.

It is difficult to mention taste in writing, but yes, I find recommended eating places by local friends really really good. What I like the most about restaurants and eating places in Chandigarh was less spicy eatables.

Street Food is less visible in Chandigarh as compared to other cities in India. Anyways, more eating places on the list may be will update sooner or later. Thank you.


Sindhi Sweets, Sector-17 c, behind I.S.B.T was mentioned by a local and I was there for lunch. It is a two-floor restaurant. I was on the second floor as the first floor was house full. The ground floor is having a variety of sweets displayed.

As the name was Sindhi Sweets I decided to try ‘Sindhi Dal’ but whether to have roti or rice or naan, I was not sure. I requested the person attending the table to take his decision and serve it. He suggested Jeera Rice.

Ok – said I.

As per personal taste, I found ‘Sindhi Dal’ on its own was very good in taste, but if taken with roti the decision would be much better. And then I requested Kulfi Faluda.

Total Rs. 360/- I paid.

Later talking with a local, I was suggested to try ‘Channa Bhatura‘ as Sindhi Sweets is famous for the same.

Ok will do one day, and I have to taste sweets also – said I.


Emm Ell’s Hot Stoppers, Sector 17

I had chili chicken and softy.

Chilli chicken for Rs. 80 and softy for Rs. 30.

Indian Coffee House, Sector 17 E

Indian Coffee House is one of the oldest in Chandigarh. It was established on 27th October 1957.

Here we had one Egg Uttapam for Rs. 62 and a cup of coffee for Rs. 24.

Preet Eating Zone, Phase 7, Mohali

Famous for Kadhi chawal, Rajma chawal

Mammu Tea Stall, Phase 7, Mohali

The tea is extra-ordinary for Rs. 7 only.

The list is endless. Will try to update as soon as I taste more food in around Chandigarh and Mohali.

Krishna Chat Shop, 34 C

Though 34 C is famous for the furniture market, it is also having some good food joints. At Krishna we had Dahi wale gol gappe for Rs. 30 and later Tikki chaat for Rs. 30. Both were too good. I love eating dahi wale gol gappe. Personal favorite.