About: Takhat Shri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib – Birthplace of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

About: Takhat Shri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib (Bihar, India)

This place was originally the jeweler Salis Rai’s mansion. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji reached Patna at the time of his first Purab (east) Udasi (travel). Salis Rai Johri prayed and brought Guruji to his mansion. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji established the first major center for the publicizing (प्रचार) of Sikhism at this place and appointed Salis Rai Johri as the first chief preacher. Guruji stayed here for about four months. It was here that Guruji established the tradition of sitting together in Pangat and having food (langar) by erasing the discrimination between high and low, untouchable and rich and poor.

The Sixth Guru Sri Hargobind Sahib Ji gave this place the honor of “Purab ki Sangat-Guru ka Khalsa”.

Ninth Guru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaj gave the honor of “Patna is the Home of the Guru”. On Pausha Sudi Saptami Vikram Samvat 1723, Tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj was born at this place. Just like Guru Nanak Dev in Sri Nankana Sahib is the original center of Sikhism due to incarnation, similarly it is the origin of Khalsa Panth due to the incarnation of Tenth Guru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Takhat Shri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib has a special place in the Five Takhats of the Sikh Panth, which was also named by the tenth Guru Ji himself. The principle of Miri-Piri appears in its name itself.

Raja Fateh Chand Maini, a descendant of Salis Rai Johri, repaired this haveli in Vikram Samvat 1722 (1666 AD) for the residence of the family of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. Between 1837-39 AD, Maharaja Ranjit Singh got this Takhat Sahib rebuilt. The present five storied building was constructed between 1954-57 AD.

Things to see:
Sri Guru Granth Sahib (Bade Babaji) – In the beginning of which Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji has written the original Mul-Mantar with his hands. Pangura Sahib, Chhavi Sahib, the sword of childhood, the bullet of a slingshot, the four arrows of childhood, the hair comb of Guruji, the ivory sandals, etc…..

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