About: Mahatma Gandhi Arrival at Patna Jn. (Bankipore Jn.)

About: Mahatma Gandhi Arrival at Patna Jn. (Bankipore Jn.)

April 10, 1917, Mahatma Gandhi visited Patna Junction (formerly known as Bankipur Junction) for the first time on his way to Champaran from Kolkata.

Mahatma Gandhi reached Patna Junction on the morning of 10 April 1917 with Rajkumar Shukla, the great freedom fighter of the ‘Neel Movement‘ being run against the British rule and went to Champaran via Muzaffarpur to find out the facts related to indigo cultivation.

In March 1934 AD, Mahatma Gandhi visited Patna for the second time. He had come with a pious resolution to visit the earthquake-prone areas of Bihar and serve the suffering people. In the same year, he established the All India Village Industries Association so that India’s rural economy could be strengthened. In 1947, he again came to Patna, this time with a pious aim, to visit the riot-affected areas to express ‘repentance’ for the establishment of communal peace.

On 30 March 1947, Mahatma Gandhi received an important message when he was in Patna to meet Viceroy Lord Mountbatten but Mahatma Gandhi did not accede to the Viceroy’s request for the use of his personal vehicle. He traveled to Delhi in the third class of the special train.

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