A Quick Visit Around Patna Railway Station

A Quick Visit Around Patna Railway Station

Mahavir Mandir visit was the very first thought during our short arrival at Patna Railway Junction. The famous temple is outside the railway station approx. 100 meters from platform no. 1. Not that long queue which is especially on Tuesday and Saturday. Prayers, offerings, and a spectacular view of the city and the Patna Railway station from the temple’s upper floors to have an idea about the developing city by watching the number of cars parked outside Patna Railway Station and rush hours on the road and concrete structures visible as far as one can see.

The next visit was at a lane nearby full of sweets and namkeen shops – visible from the temple’s upper floors. Yes, I have a sweet tooth.

Shahi Lassi Wala and its hot Kala Jamun. I requested one Rasgulla and a Kala Jamun – Rs. 7 each. Extraordinary. Too good. Upon query, I was told the shop is more than 50 years old and a favorite among locals. And then I saw Milkshake on the display board. A bottle of milkshake, please. Locally prepared, I guess. Good in taste, but above all, it is Kala Jamun. The shop also sells Khasta Namkeen, Chandrakala, Tea, Milk, and Cream. Almost 24-hour shop because only for a few hours during the late-night it is closed.

Walking further, we saw many shops on the left-hand side selling Fenia – a personal favorite. 120 rupees per kg. We requested a kg. Fenia mixed with milk is one of my favorite recipes since childhood.

Next was Jalebi on the mind because shops one after another were preparing hot Jalebis. Rs. 80 per kg. We had 250 gm of Jalebis packed. Yes, I am a foodie but mostly I like traditional food. It is said Jelebis mixed with hot milk is good healthy food.

I guess the lane is good for those having a liking for sweets as well as namkeen products and I am one of them.

Sattu (roasted gram flour) drink – Rs. 10 per glass. I was told Sattu drink is good to keep one’s stomach cool. Tomato, Black Pepper, Onions, Black Salt, Roasted Cumin Seed Powder, and Sattu mixed with water – fantastic drink. One more, please. We enquire about a shop to purchase Sattu. Nearby the general ticket booking center is a shop selling fresh Sattu. Rs. 90/-per kg. We requested a kg. My mother is good at making Sattu ki Roti and having it with curd – mouth-watering thought.

In short, a quick visit around Patna Railway Junction is a fruitful one. God and food for its devotees are both nearby. Please visit.

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