Mahakala Caves – Lord Buddha for The First Time Meditated Here for 6 Years

Mahakala Caves – Lord Buddha for The First Time Meditated Here for 6 Years

We booked an entire auto for Mahakala Caves (Dungeshwari mountain) near Mahabodhi Temple for Rs. 300 to and fro.

At 9:55 am we started our journey and reached Ghunghari Tand Chowk (Gaya bypass) at 10:15 am. Right turn towards the new bypass to cross river Falgu and right turn via Sunheri more we reach Larpur village at 10:50 am.

Sunheri more till Larpur village I guess must be 7-8 km. The road condition here needs improvement. Rest is fine.

Bodhgaya to Mahakala caves (Dungeshwari mountain) total distance must be approx. 20 plus km.

The path toward Mahakala caves is well-made but a little steep. 15 – 20 minutes, approx. climbing. If one is unable to walk, one may talk to palanquin carriers. They charge Rs. 200  to and fro. We hire it as one of the visitors was unable to walk due to old age.

Chandra Kumar Pandey – The priest was inside the cave as it was the first day of Navratri (Ashwin month). He showed us the Dungeshwari Devi idol found by villagers years ago. He also said: This is the cave where Lord Buddha for the first time meditated in Gaya for 6 years before attaining enlightenment at Bodhgaya.

Vaishakh Purnima, Ashwin, and Chaitra month Navratri lots of devotees visit.

We offered prayers and had a view of Mahabodhi temple from Dungeshwari mountain. Beautiful it is.

While returning, we stop at a makeshift shop on the way.

Shiv Shankar Singh is the owner of the shop selling cold drinks, and biscuits. We requested one 400 ml Coca-Cola and a 600 ml Sprite for palanquin carriers as the job to carry a person is a tough job. Cold drinks are a little expensive – Rs. 40 and Rs. 50, but what to do as it has to reach the interiors of the mountain area and electricity to keep it cool is also an issue – said Shiv.

Anyway, he further enhanced our knowledge by saying that 1484 bigha is Larpur village and 700 bigha is Dungeshwari mountain.

Thank you very much – said I. The auto was waiting. We reached Bodhgaya by 12:50 noon hours. Nice journey.

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