Pandit Ji Di Hatti (Since 1950/24 Hours) – One Stop for Parantha Lovers

My Ludhiana’s cousin’s brother suggested having parantha for dinner at Pandit Ji Di Hatti at Feroze Gandhi Market (almost like Nehru Place of Delhi), Opposite Hotel Park Plaza.

He further enhanced knowledge that their oldest restaurant is at Chaura Bazar started in the year 1950 by Shri Ram Nath Sharma Pandit Ji. Their Feroze Gandhi Market restaurant is 4 years old.

Pandit Ji De Pranthe is a landmark in Ludhiana for the best authentic Punjabi paranthas.

I agree and we reached Pandit Ji De Pranthe (Pandit Ji Di Hatti) at Feroze Gandhi Market.

The moment you enter the air-conditioned fine dining restaurant, the walls are nicely framed with food quotes such as:




I just don’t want to look back and think “I could’ve eaten that.”


Appreciated – a thought.

They have a good comfortable sitting arrangement with a decent ambiance.

The menu was served. It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant.

Though there are Mocktail, Soups, Continental, Tandoori Snacks, Noodles, Chinese, Lunch & Dinner, Rice, Salad, Raita, Breads, Desserts, Thali & Mini Thali mentioned in the Menu but I looked at the Paranthe section.

Two types of Paranthe are available.

  1. Pandit Ji De Paranthe – Paneer Gobhi Aloo Pyaz Mix Parantha, Aloo Pyaz Parantha, Gobhi Pyaz Parantha, Paneer Pyaz Parantha, Khastha Parantha & Gobhi Parantha
  2. Tandoori Paranthe – Mix Parantha, Aloo Pyaz Parantha, Paneer Pyaz Parantha, Kasmeri Parantha, Lachha Parantha, Mirchi Parantha & Lal Mirchi Parantha

We opt for Pandit Ji De Paranthe – Aloo Pyaz Parantha & Gobhi Pyaz Parantha (Rs. 60 each).

And Verka Makhan (Rs. 20 butter), Curd (Rs. 25), and Torque’s JAL Natural Mineral Water (Rs. 30).

Have to say – Curd was not required. Paranthas with Butter was sumptuous & awesome.

Crispy with stuffy filling. Finger licking taste.

A nice outlet for parantha lovers. Well maintained with quick service.

Overall fantastic experience. Thanks to my cousin brother. Amount paid.

Timings (Feroze Gandhi Market restaurant): 7 am till 4 am

Timings (Chaura Bazar restaurant): 24 hours

7 days open.

Great place to have authentic Punjabi Paranthas loaded with butter, especially during the late-night hours.

Pandit Ji Di Hatti is an awesome restaurant. Recommended at least once for sure.

Clean Shave & Head Massage in Ludhiana – How much I Paid?

Hollywood Hair Salon (air-conditioned) at Janta Nagar, Ati Road, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Clean Shave – Rs. 40 with Gillette Shaving Foam and Rs. 30 with Brooks Shaving Foam.

I opt for Gillette Shaving Foam for a clean shave. Gillette Shaving Foam is a personal favorite.

After the clean shave I most of the time love to have – Head Massage.

And the rate – Rs. 80 for Head Massage with Navratna Oil – Thanda Thanda Cool Cool.

Head Massage includes shoulder, arms, and back massage as well.

Most of the salons in India use floating action body massagers but I prefer massage via barber hands.

Cost is the same no matter whether you opt for a floating action body massager or barber hands.

Finally, happy with the clean shave and massage as well.

Rs. 120 – Total Amount paid.

Lassi Chowk – Best & inexpensive Place to Have Traditional Drink

Punjabis & Sweet/Heavenly Lassi are synonymous. Served chilled, it’s probably the best way to cool down in summer.

Lassi is a refreshing Punjabi sweet traditional drink made out of curd, mixed with sugar, a little water, and cream as a topping.

Bittu Lassi Wala, Ludhiana (Punjab) is 40 years old small outlet, famous for Lassi, Curd, Pure Ghee, Butter, Cream & Khoya.

I with my cousin’s brother reached Bittu Lassi Wala situated at Lassi Chowk, Karimpura Bazar, Ludhiana.

Yes, I have a sweet tooth.

Sweet lassi starting from Rs 20 and Rs. 30 glass – The display board talking.

We requested two Rs. 20 glasses of sweet lassi.

The service was quite quick. Served in a disposable glass (200ml.) with a topping of thick cream.

I had one glass and I was full. It was so creamy. Lassi was neither too thick nor too thin – perfectly balanced.

Great Quality & Texture, Superb Taste, Awesome Essence, Yummilicious, Mind-Blowing, Rejuvenating Lassi.

A perfect blend of curd, sugar, and a little water.

And the price – very correct. Rs. 20 only/-.

Inexpensive and the best place to have sweet lassi. Great feast – it was.

Bittu Lassi Wala – One of the best Sweet Lassi shops at Lassi Chowk, Karimpura Bazar, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Timings: 6:30 am till 9:30 pm (7 days open)

Lassi Chowk is well-known, and popular among locals of Ludhiana.

If you love desi, and traditional beverages, you should try sweet lassi at not-so-fancy – Bittu Lassi Wala at least once.

Note: Visit this Lassi outlet with an empty stomach as lassi is quite heavy as it is a meal in itself.

I think a visit to Ludhiana or you can say Punjab cannot be complete without having Sweet Lassi.

Clean Shave in Zirakpur – How much I Paid?

I have always used Gillette Shaving Foam, especially in Mumbai Suburban for a clean shave at an air-conditioned barbershop. And I pay Rs. 80.

But this time during the tour to Delhi, one of the barbers at Daryaganj applied Brooks Shaving Foam and charged – Rs. 30.

And another barber at Arakashan Road, Paharganj, Delhi, I paid Rs. 50 for Gillette Shaving Foam clean shave.

At Chawri Bazar, Delhi, I paid Rs. 40 for Gillette Shaving Foam clean shave.

When I reached Zirakpur, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar (Mohali), my cousin’s brother took me to a barbershop that was non-air-conditioned but a good one.

The barber applied Cimelle Shaving Foam for a clean shave and charged – Rs. 40 only.

Now I have experienced three types of shaving foam – Gillette, Brooks, and Cimelle. The difference?

No idea. All I can say – a clean shave was as good as in Mumbai Suburban barbershop.

Kuremal Mohan Lal (Since 115 Years) – Delhi’s Most Famous Kulfi Wala near Chawri Bazar Metro Station

Kuremal Mohal Lal Kulfiwale (Since 1906), 526, Kucha Pati Ram, Sita Ram Bazar, Chawri Bazar, Delhi, India

Alighted at Chawri Bazar metro station. Exit and right turn.

Walk till Hauz Qazi Chowk. Turn right. Walk approx. 50 meters. On the left-hand side is Rajender Dairy.

Lane opposite Rajender Dairy will take you to Kuremal Mohan Lal Kulfi Wale (Shop 526) situated on the right-hand side.

As you enter the shop, a display board neatly mentions three types of Kulfies available with huge varieties/options.

1. Milk Base Kulfies (Rs. 70 each)
Kesar Pista Rabri, Sugar-Free Rabri, Sugar-Free Cream, Plain Cream, Cream Fruits, Mango, Paan, Gulab, Gulkand, Fig, Shareefa, Guava, Litchi, Khurmani, Coconut, Khajjur, Chocolate, Strawberry

2. Kulfi Julpeps – milk-free (Rs. 70 each)
Annar, Orange, Falsa, Jamun, Watermelon, Kalakhatta, Pineapple, Cane, Pudina Masala, Imli, Aam Papad, Aam Panna, Chiku, Kewra

3. Stuffed Kulfies (Rs. 200 each)
Mango, Pomegranate, Orange, Apple

Tough to decide which one to have.

Finally, Kesar Pista Rabri Kulfi – Rs. 70.

Yummy, awesome, mouth-watering taste/flavor.

No doubt the Kulfi shop since 1906 is Delhi’s hidden gem.

A must-go outlet for Kulfi lovers. Heavenly – it is.

I Visited New Maharashtra Sadan to have Authentic Maharashtra Cuisine

I was craving for authentic Maharashtrian food in New Delhi.

Bus no. 894 (air-conditioned) from New Delhi Railway Station (Paharganj side) to Baroda House bus stop (K.G Marg, Connaught Place) to reach New Maharashtra Sadan for dinner.

Bus fare from New Delhi Railway Station (Paharganj side) to Baroda House bus stop – Rs. 10/- only.

The state Bhawan canteens in Delhi serve the best authentic regional cuisines and New Maharashtra Sadan is one of them.

New Maharashtra Sadan – breathtaking and spectacular view at night. Almost like a royal palace in the heart of Delhi.

It was my first visit to New Maharashtra Sadan for dinner.

ID for verification to enter. Tight security check.

Almost like 4/5 star hotel – a thought as I enter. Centrally air-conditioned.

The canteen is on the ground floor.

Restaurant Timings:

Breakfast – 7 am – 11 am

Lunch – 12 Noon – 3 pm

Snacks – 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Dinner – 7 pm – 10 pm

The menu veg./non-veg. though having North-Indian cuisine but I looked at Marathi Cuisine which is as follows:

Aloo Wangi, Mataki Usal, Patodi Rassa, Sev Tamater Bhaji, Aloo Sukhi Bhaji, Pithla, Zhunka, Bharali Wangi, Jeera Aloo Mutter, Veg. Malwani, Mix Veg. Kolhapuri, Patal Bhaji, Saoji Aloo, Wangyacha Bharit/Baigan Bhurta, Saoji Paneer, Saoji Egg Curry, Saoji Chicken, Varhadi Chicken, Chicken Curry Half/Full, Chicken Kolhapuri, Chicken Malwani, Saoji Mutton, Mutton Kolhapuri, Mutton Curry, Varhadi Mutton, Mutton Malwani, Fish Koliwada, Fish Malwani.

And different/various types of Rice and Dal are as follows:

Varan Bhat, Dal Khichadi, Masala Bhat, Masala Bhat with Kadhi, Gola Bhat, Gola Bhat with Chinchecha Saar, Wada Bhat with Kadhi, Amati, Fodniche Varan, Dal Kolhapuri, Dal Kanda, Dal Palak Lahsunia.

I requested Mahesh Babu – The waiter to guide what should I have as a non-veg. in Marathi Cuisine?

Mutton Kolhapuri – He suggested.

Ok – said I.

Mutton Kolhapuri, Phulka/Chapati (4), Butter Milk and Mineral Water – The request was placed.

The service was quick. Within minutes my order was served.

Hot, Splendid, Delicious, Mouth-Watering, Lavish, Tempting, Perfectly Cooked, A Little Spicy – Mutton Kolhapuri.

Food – Great. Value for money.

How much do I pay?

Mutton Kolhapuri (4 pcs.) – Rs. 320, Phulka/Chapati (4) – Rs. 60, Butter Milk – Rs. 35 and Mineral Water – Rs. 20.

Total – Rs. 456 including SGST/CGST.

I will say – New Maharashtra Sadan is a great place to experience/relish authentic Maharashtrian cuisine in Delhi.

I may visit again if again I tour Delhi – maybe for breakfast.

For breakfast, they serve – Upma, Poha, Batata Wada/Aloo Bonda, Poha with Chana Rassa, Batata Wada Chat, Wada Pav, Sabudana Wada, Sabudana Khichdi, Misal Pav, etc., etc.

And their quote: Enjoy the Life with Every Bite.

So true.