How much I Paid for HEAD Trekking Shoes in Mumbai?

HEAD Trekking Shoes 910 High TR

Last year in Mumbai I was in search of good trekking shoes and a high-altitude sleeping bag for trekking in the Himalayas. I visited a few shops to learn about the various brands available and the cost. And finally, I purchased HEAD Trekking Shoes 910 High TR and a locally manufactured high altitude sleeping bag good for 4 Degrees Celcius temperature from Avi Industries.

And the price I paid:

Head Trekking Shoes 910 High TR – Rs. 5,900/- only.

High Altitude Sleeping Bag – Rs. 1200/- only.

Approx. 100 meters from Matunga (Central) Station.

If you are coming from Matunga Road Station, you have to walk via Z Bridge to reach Matunga (Central).

Landmark: next to Laxmi Jewellery Mart.

For your information:

Other than Avi Industries there are a few more shops selling equipment & accessories for Trekking, Climbing, Mountaineering Gear, etc.

  • Outdoor Travel and Sports Gear Pvt. Ltd.

Approx. one km from TT Circle, Dadar nearby Ram Mandir, Wadala

Note: Matunga (Central) – Avi Industries and Dadar TT circle is a few km from each other.

If you are at Grant Road (West) Station > Turn Right > First Turn Left > First Turn Left to reach the shop.

Landmark: lane nearby Bhatia Hospital

Other than trekking, climbing, and mountaineering equipment Outdoor Travel and Sports Gear Pvt. Ltd. and Adventure 18 also sell magnetic Tank Top for motorcycle riders. All these three shops personally I find very useful.

And Great Outdoors at Dadar (West) approx. half km from Dadar station.