Rudranath Temple, Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

Yogesh Goswami – one of the Rudra Nath temple priest was present. Upon request he narrated History of Rudranath temple as follows:

Devarshi (sage) Narad meditated 100 years at this very location. Lord Shiva taught Devarshi Narad Sama Veda i.e., The knowledge of music – for example: Taal, Mridang, Dhwani, Chhand, Chattis (36) raaj raginiya.

It is said sage Narad requested Lord Vishnu for the same but was suggested: Only Lord Shiva is having the knowledge of Sama Veda thus, sage Narad learnt the music and later was gifted Veena by Lord Shiva. It is also said Rudra Nath( born from Brahma’s mind) after taking birth at this very location started crying a lot and was named Rudra Nath by Lord Shiva because of his crying nature.

Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers merging where sage Narad meditated thus, the area is named as Rudraprayag (Rudra because of Rudra Nath and prayag because of two holy rivers confluence). Alaknanda is flowing from Badrinath and Mandakini from Kedarnath.

Sound knowledge – said I. Thanks for sharing.

And towards prayag – Snaan (bath) is important they say. Will do – said I to I.

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