Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Clutch Switch Replacement

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark Clutch Switch Malfunction

Recently, a strange thing happened with my Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike. The self-Start button was not starting the motorbike in neutral gear no matter how many times I press but the moment I apply the Clutch Lever motorbike was starting well.

(Note: The self-Start button was starting the motorbike in Gear while applying the Clutch Lever)

The question: Why the motorbike is not starting in Neutral Gear when the Self-Start button is pressed without applying the Clutch Lever?

Many mechanics, many questions, and many answers in the air. Finally, the actual reason was found by a dear friend having his own Royal Enfield service center. The problem was with Clutch Switch as it is worn/malfunctioning now and why not the motorbike is now more than 3 years and 6 months old. This is the first time the Clutch Switch issue occurred. I have no complaints.

Upon the query, knowledge was enhanced by a dear friend by showing how the Clutch Switch functions and what went wrong.

The clutch Switch works well with the help of a bar (shown in the picture within the red circle). The bar helps to make the motorcycle start in a neutral gear as well as in gear when the Self-Start button is pressed. If the bar is fully inside the Clutch Switch, it helps to start the motorcycle in Neutral Gear. And when the bar is fully out due to pressing the Clutch lever it helps the motorcycle to start in Neutral as well as in Gear.

Now in my motorbike case, the Clutch Switch bar was neither fully inside the Clutch Switch nor it was fully out and in the middle but when the Clutch lever was pressed it helps the bar to come out fully and start the motorcycle in Neutral or in Gear.

The bar due to being in and out many times for 3 years and 6 months is worn/malfunctioning now.

The solution?

A brand-new Clutch Switch because one cannot replace the bar only. One has to replace Clutch Switch.

The replacement was done. Rs. 90/- Clutch Switch cost and Rs. 30 labor charges. Total Rs. 120/- paid.

I am happy now. Knowledge was enhanced by a dear friend. The motorcycle is now starting well when the self-start button is pressed in neutral gear without applying the Clutch Lever. Thank you, friend – said I. And I hope I am able to make Royal Enfield motorbike riders explain, in general words about Clutch Switch malfunction and replacement.