Royal Enfield Thunderbird Seat Cover Replacement for the First Time

Seat Cover Maker nearby Purani Chungi, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike is just a few months far to be 4 years old and I have driven solo for more than 29,000 km.

Since the purchased, the seat cover was fine. Only since this rainy season despite using rainy seat cover cracks developed over the seat cover.

I inquire about the complete seat and was told approximately Rs. 1800 by a friend having Royal Enfield service center. I gave up the idea because of the price. Usually, we change the seat cover only and if only the seat plate is cracked then we think of changing the complete seat.

How much does Royal Enfield Thunderbird Motorcycle Seat Cover cost?

Rs. 300/- only for the rexine cover and was made within one-hour copying exactly the original seat cover design.

Thanks to Amit Kashyap – maker of seat covers since 1994 and owner of Rishu Car Decorator situated nearby Purani Chungi, Rishikesh.

Note: The seat foam and seat plate were in good condition when Amit opened the old seat cover. Thanks to Royal Enfield.