Prakateshwar Panchanan Mahadev Shiv Gufa, Nagarmehargaon, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand

Nagarmehargaon is 7 km from Brahmakhal on the way towards Yamunotri. I stop Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike. Shiv Gufa – The famous cave and I climbing stairs to reach the same to enter for a glimpse and prayers.

Bhagwati Prasad – The priest at the cave entrance. Queries as usual to know the history and narration by the priest as below:

June 1998 there was an irrigation project within the village. Bhanu Prakash – elder brother was the member of the committee. Search to search water was almost futile. Seven days labor but water wasn’t visible though the sound of water was heard numerous times by people.

22nd June 1998 Bhanu Prakash had a dream. Lord Shiva representing as sadhu said – Next day I will appear. And 23rd June water was discovered after opening of the cave walls and was named as Prakateshwar Panchanan Mahadev Shiv Gufa (cave).

Within the cave Lord Ganesha, Panchmukhi Shivling, Parvati, Nandi, Crocodile, Lion Nails, Sheshnaag are visible within rocks and most important Gupt Ganga flowing.

The cave is dark with a very narrow way to enter and rocky 4-5 stairs that reaches below.

Too narrow but the visit is sure – said I. Cool water as feet touch the cave floor. Prayers.

Thanks to the priest for the narration.

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