One of The Best Freelance Massage Therapist in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Brahmachari, The Massage Therapist from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Winter days and I were in search of a massage therapist in Rishikesh. I inquire a local friend.

Aashish Kumar Das popularly known as ‘Brahmachari’ – he said is an excellent massage therapist and address was provided.

Brahmachari lives with his family almost opposite Ramana’s Garden, Tapovan, Rishikesh or you can say on the right-hand side just 15-20 meters before Raman’s Garden.

He is a freelance massage therapist having 10×10 room, mattress on the floor and a room heater – basic for massage and yes, the oil he uses made from brown mustard seed (राई) and herbs but what amazing is his knowledge about pressure points, natural strongness of his fingers, hands and dedication. His massage is a mixture of Ayurveda massage and Thai massage.

I haven’t had Thai massage till-date nor I had knowledge what is Thai massage but once I recommended Brahmachari to a friend and I was later told Brahmachari’s massage is a mixture of Ayurveda and Thai massage. Upon the query he said he learnt the art of massage from his Guru Shri Yogi Santanand. Once his Guru praised him by saying you are now also a massage Guru and that was the best compliment.

Brahmachari is having 23 years of massage experience having clients from all over the world. His charges are Rs. 500 for foreigners and Rs. 400 for the Indian for one hour massage. He even teaches massage therapy if someone wishes to learn massage techniques and the cost is Rs. 6000/- for 8 classes consist of 7 lessons 2-3 hours per day.

Twice I have the massage from him and if he is in town I can not think of any other massage therapist because finding a really good massage therapist is a tough task specially when you are on tour.

Friend was correct Brahmachari is an excellent massage therapist.

Update 2021

Aashish Kumar Das popularly known as ‘Brahmachari’ now-a-days live in Jharkhand if not, Rishikesh.

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