Kanvashram (Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand) – 5,500 years ago, Sage Kanva Meditated here

Kanvashram, Kalalghati, Kotdwara, Uttarakhand

Kanvashram is at Kalalghati, Kotdwara in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

5,500 years ago – *mid of Dwapara Yug Sage Kanva meditated at this location on the banks of Malini river now known as Kanvashram. It is said when Sage Kanva attain enlightenment he opened an ashram to teach students and very first time scripts were written. Earlier there was no writing only through chanting hymns were remembered. 1300 richaye (a respected word for hymns) of Rigveda belongs to Sage Kanva. Later more were added by more sages/saints.

Judda and Chadda two streams up within the mountains and the confluence named as Malini River is the birth place of Bharat.

Bharat was born on the banks of river Malini. His mother name was Shakuntala and father – King Dushyant. A small temple is present where Bharat was born but is far from Kanvashram within jungles not advisable to go alone.

Bharat later was admitted at Kanva rishi ashram for studies. We all know India is known as Bharatavasha after the King Bharat. The king was also known as Chakrawarti Samrat Bharat.

Abhigyan Shakuntalam written by Kalidasa, 18 purans, Mahabharata written by sage Vyasa, story about Sage Kanva is mentioned. Earlier days Kanvashram was a Siddh Peeth. Sage Kanva meditated at this location for a longer period and it is believed if devotion dedication towards God is true the place where a person or a sage meditate for longer period automatically turns into Siddh Peeth.

Kanvashram is 55.5 approx. Kms from Lansdowne and 14 km from Kotdwar.

I saw Sanskrit inscriptions but do not know the meaning but will say knowledge shared by Ramanand baba (the name give by Guru) is excellent. 67 years old baba is currently living within Kanvashram for the last 16-17 years. He is from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, earlier was working as a surveyor but quit after 10 years of job and turn into baba .

As always curiosity to learn more about history and upon request baba shared the said knowledge despite fasting and I tried the best to share the same with readers. Yoga Sutras – Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Prayanam – internal and outer cleanliness, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dyaan, Samadhi and many such subjects I was not aware discussed shared by baba.

Vasantotsav – first day of Spring huge gathering of people and five day mela (festival) is organized, celebrated here by the people.

Thank you baba said I and I start Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark. The motorbike was parked before Malini river as one has to cross the river by foot. Maybe during the rainy season it is not possible to visit Kanvashram.

*End of Dwapara Yug Lord Krishna was present.

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