Ghandiyal Festival in Khirsu (Uttarakhand) and Ways to Reach

Barfi and Jalebi Sweets Preparation during Festival in Khirsu, Uttarakhand

Khirsu is situated in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarkhand. Each year third Monday after Vaisakhi Ghandiyal Mela is organized at Khirsu. This year 2nd May 2011 festival was organized. If you are visiting, remember anything red is prohibited to offer inside Jai Shri Ghantakarna Swami temple such as red sweets, red cloth, red flag. Mostly Haldi (turmeric) is offered. Ghandiyal Devta is also known as Jai Shri Ghantakarna Swami.

Bus Service from Srinagar to Khirsu

Garhwal Motors operates two buses for Khirsu from Srinagar Bus Stand. One at 11 am and another at 3 afternoon.

Bus charges for one person from Srinagar to Khirsu is Rs. 31.

If you are with your own vehicle, there are two ways to reach Khirsu.

1) Srinagar to Khirsu via Pauri distance is 49 Kms.

2) Srinagar to Khirsu via a by lane close to chungi (Srinagar) distance is 30 Kms.

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