Chandrabadni Devi Temple (Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand) – Goddess Sati torso fell at this location

Chandrabadni Devi Temple, Jurana Village, Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Since last one year wish was to visit Chandrabadni Devi temple. National Highway 58 driving solo Royal Enfield Thunderbird Twinspark motorbike covering 66 Kms approx. from Rishikesh to Devprayag and hiring a jeep from Devprayag tehsil for another 33 km I reach Chandrabadni Devi situated at Jurana Village in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

(As you can read Naikhri Village is 1831 meters above sea-level. You can guess how high is the mountain where the temple is)

Jeep charges Rs. 1,000 Devprayag tehsil – Chandrabadni temple – Devprayag tehsil.

Rs. 700 I bargain.

I remember during Lansdowne tour I visited Tarakeshwar Mahadev approx. 76 km to-and-fro and paid Rs. 800. Devprayag – Chandrabadni – Devprayag is 66 Kms only. Rs. 700 is Ok – said I. Driver after few discussions was convinced but will take more passengers on the way- said he. No problem – said I and I/We reach the temple.

Traveling while someone else is driving specially within mountains is little scary. People who travel by bus within mountains are brave. I am comfortable when I am driving. They say I am brave because I travel alone with the motorbike. Really?

Anyways, we reach the temple area. Jeep was parked, and I requested the driver to join. Prasad was purchased. One km of steep walking while passing through Walnut/Burans/Deodar/Pine trees we at temple. Another 100 plus steep steps and a cemented path – I selected stairs. The priest was present. Offerings, Prayers and a request to narrate The History of Chandrabadni Devi Temple, festive occasions and more…

Can you see the crown?

Yes – said I.

Below the crown is Sri-Yantra and is worship. It is said and believed Goddess Sati torso fell at this location.

Asus(September-October) and Chaitra (March-April) is the time for Mela(festival).

Kunjapuri Devi, Surkanda Devi, Rajrajeshwari Devi, Jwalpa Devi, Dhari Devi and many more Siddh Peeth are within Uttarakhand. Chandrabadni Devi is one of them. Altogether there are 108 Siddh Peeth all over the world.

Dharamshala is available for devotees for FREE and another two rooms with 5 beds each for Rs. 50 per bed per day is available. A canteen is there for food. No need to worry.

Temple timings: 7 morning till 7 evening. Only for 30 minutes closed during afternoon hours.

And I inquire how to reach if someone is not having his/her own vehicle or unable to book a jeep?

Sharing Jeep, Bus is available from Devprayag tehsil but one has to change at few points. No direct jeep for Chandrabadni Devi temple unless and until one book the entire jeep.

Devprayag tehsil till Hindolakhal – 17 km.

Hindolakhal to Jamnikhal – 7 km

Jamnikhal to Chandrabadni Devi temple – 7 km

One way Rs. 55 will be the cost for Jeep and Rs. 50 for bus to reach temple.

Thank you said I and a walk to watch the valley. Deep, green and beautiful.

New Tehri, Mussoorie, Uttarkashi is close by. 55, 134, 139 km approx. from Jamnikhal.

Srinagar – 34 km, Dehradun – 114 km from Devprayag tehsil.

I wish to travel more. Wishes unlimited maybe God is listening to fulfill.

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