Agastya Muni Temple – Maharishi Agastya Meditated at this very Location

Agastya Muni Temple, Rudraprayag (Uttarakhand, India)

Shree Anusiya Prasad – mathadhish (head priest) was present within the temple area. Upon request in-short he narrated the History of Agastya Muni Temple as follows:

Maharishi Agastya meditated at this very location. 18th or 19th century (not sure) the temple was built. Every twelve years for nine days Lakshya Yagya is performed within the temple premises. More than Lacs Aahuti (oblations) is offered. Once Yagya is over Yagya Kund is closed and only after 12 years, the holy Yaya Kund is re-opened.

Do you know Lord Kartikeya – son of Lord Shiva was the disciple of Maharishi Agastya.

And with sound knowledge, I step towards the temple. Prayers.