Varuna Ganga Sangam, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Varuna Ganga Sangam, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

We started our walk from Dashashwamedh Ghat and reached Malviya bridge. Kashi Railway Station is nearby on the left hand side. After crossing Malviya bridge, we reached Besant College road on the right side. And finally, the very first ghat of Varanasi – Rajghat. Nearby is Varuna Ganga Sangam.

Varanasi is having 80 ghats. Varuna and Assi (The last ghat) if combined is known as Varanasi.

Aghan Purnima is the day devotees start town parikrama from Manikarnika Ghat to reach Varuna Ganga Sangam. Next day i.e., first day of the Pausha (पौष) month as per Hindu calendar i.e., almost in the last week of December as per English calendar, Atargiri mela (festival) is held at Varuna Ganga Sangam. Devotees gather in large numbers to worship the Varuna and Ganga rivers and then by boat they sail towards Manikarnika Ghat to complete the journey.

Knowledge enhanced. Thanks to Lachchu, Bablu of Sarai Mohana village and many many thanks to Shree Vinay Kumar Tripathi – priest of Aadi Keshaw Vishnu temple for sharing knowledge.


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