Latthe Ka Mela, Rangji Temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Latthe Ka Mela, Rangji Temple, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

History of Latthe (लट्ठे) Ka Mela:

Latthe (लट्ठे) Ka Mela each year is celebrated nearby Western Entrance Gate of Sri Rangji Mandir on Nand Utsav day i.e., next day after Krishna Janmashtami. This traditional festival is celebrated since 150+ years since the day temple was constructed by Seth Laxmi Chand ji.

Water, Curd, Oil are poured from top via the stage (मचान) on top of 30 – 40 feet high wooden post to make it slippery. Participants from the bottom of the post on top of each other try their best to reach the stage to grab Nariyal, Lota, Fruits, Prize, etc. to be winner. Numerous times they fall because the post is very slippery but with continuing efforts finally a participant reach and stand on top of the stage to be the winners.

At Dushyat Mohalla nearby Raman Reti there is Antaryami temple and Akhara (wrestling ground). Latthe Ka Mela participants are from here only. 10 – 20 participants reach Rangji temple shouting Jaikara (shout of victory). After blessing from the Lord Rangnath, they start climbing the wooden post. Radha Krishna well known as Bhaiya ji (0-9758418421) is the leader of the participants.

Once Latthe Ka Mela is over participants walk towards ‘Pushkarni’ – the holy pond situated inside the temple area to have a bath and then to attend another festival.

Latthe (लट्ठे) Ka Mela Timings: 5 – 5:30 evening hours

(History narrated by Shri Lakhanlal Pathak – supervisor at the temple office)

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