Balbhadra Temple, Talvan, Uttar Pradesh

Balbhadra Temple, Talvan, Uttar Pradesh

Another drive towards another destination passing through villages, fields – muddy road. ‘Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra’ the best for sure.

Balbhadra mandir & Balbhadra Kund is at Talvan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, approx. 4 km from Krishna Kund and the story:

Under the patronage of Kans, Dhenakasur – The demon created havoc within Talvan. Talvan during those days having lots of fruit trees. Dhenakasur used to visit as a donkey at this location. Whoever (cowheards) visit the fruit garden, Dhenakasur killed the person.

There was a boy named as Shri Dama who was very famous within cowherds. He told all about the demon to Lord Krishna. He requested Lord Krishna his brother Balarama to visit Talvan. Lord Krishna, Balarama visited and killed the demon Dhenakasur. Thus, Talavan people were happy and in peace.

A wall hanging where the story is beautifully displayed. Thanks to the artist.

Lord Krishna created a reservoir here known as Balbhadra Kunda while playing along with his brother Balarama. This is only temple within the world as said having Lord Krishna, brother Balarama and her wife Revti standing within one frame.

Ladies after prayers walked towards the reservoir to offer prayers, and we join.

Next drive is towards Kumudvan Gangasagar. The journey continues..

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