Transporting Motorcycle from Ajmer to Mumbai by Train

Two options: by road or by train. I opt for train transportation. 1000 km drive isn’t possible. I’m tired.

One day before I travel by train I visited Parcel Booking Office situated at Railway Station to inquire. Parcel booking office mostly is either at the start of the railway station platform or at the end. Officer was present. Motorcycle Registration Certificate (RC) photocopy and motorcycle the utmost requirement – He said. Office Timings? Morning till 5:30 evening hours. Thank you – said I.

Next day around 4 evening hours I and motorcycle was at Parcel Booking office. A request to book the motorcycle for such and such destination was placed. RC photocopy was presented. FORM I have to fill to mention destinations (start and end), motorcycle details such as cc, motorcycle current value and signature. But before that empty your motorcycle petrol tank and request packing employee to pack motorbike – said the officer. I was carrying one liter empty plastic bottle. Tank was emptied. Petrol was donated to packing employee – no other option. You can’t carry. Yes, one has to search petrol pump nearby destination station once you reach. Anyways, Sack, Cardboard, Plastic Cord was used by them to cover headlight, rear mirrors, petrol tank, back-lights and side covers. As they were packing I filled Form and finally motorbike was ready to transport. I walk towards officer to present the Form. After scrutinizing Form officer request for RC and a question: Are you traveling? Yes, said I. He requested to show reservation ticket. After few calculations over calculator Rs. 955 – He said the total amount – Paid. Luggage Ticket was issued. Thank  you – said I. It was time to show Luggage Ticket to packing employee. Luggage ticket number will be written by ink over packed motorcycle. Done. They ask for 100 rupees – paid. But the query was existing how the total amount is calculated?

I question: Sir, may I know how total amount is calculated? He replied: Your motorbike is of 350 cc – correct? Yes, said I. It comes under 2.50 quintals weight. We have a list mentioning various cc motorcycles under different different weight category. Then comes the current value of the motorcycle you mentioned. Railway charge 1% of that cost and finally the charge for distance covered by train. 976-1000 km is the distance range for your motorbike transportation thus that charge is also included. In short: Transporting 350 cc motorbike between 976-1000 km by an Express train charges will be Rs. 955. Very useful information – Thank you said I.

The train was yet to arrive and another query: What if the train is in night hours or early morning hours? Do you book motorbike because you said office closes at 5:30 evening hours? Yes our regular office hours are morning till evening but motorbike will be booked after that time also. One hour before train leave railway station parcel bookings are open but we are not present. Some other employee will do the job. Parcel office are open 24 hours – do not worry.

And A thought reaching 2-3 hours before train leaves is a good option. What if luggage van is full. Then?

Anyways, train arrive. Motorbike was shifted towards platform towards luggage van by railway employees and into the van. And I towards the reserved seat. Next day when train reached destination I reached luggage van to receive motorbike. Railways employee took it out and then towards parcel office where luggage ticket was shown matched with writings over motorcycle packing. Matched. Motorcycle was handed over. This is how I transport motorbike by train. But will suggest better is take out rear mirrors from your motorbike before booking because luggage van is few times with few more motorcycle. Anyways, I was searching petrol pump to fill petrol tank.

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