Taxi Fare from Abu Road Railway Station to Mount Abu

Abu Road Railway Station, Rajasthan

Abu Road Railway Station to Mount Abu via Indica Non-AC taxi I paid Rs. 350. The distance is 28 km and one hour approx. travel time.


Recently 2014 during visit to Mount Abu I again hire taxi service. This time the taxi driver requested for Rs. 400/- for non-ac Indica but upon bargain he was ready for Rs. 350/-.

There are more cheaper options to reach Mount Abu from Abu road and one is sharing jeep service Rs. 30/- per passenger. Another option is bus service. Bus stand is approx. 200 meters away from Abu Road railway station. Taxi and sharing jeep are available outside station.

Note: Mount Abu is the highest Aravalli Range and one has to drive upwards more than 4,000 feet.

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