Sri Mahalakshmi Mandir, Belvan, Uttar Pradesh

Sri Mahalakshmi Mandir, Belvan, Uttar Pradesh

During ‘Braj Chaurasi Kos Yatra’ we decided to visit Sri Mahalakshmi temple situated at Belwan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.

Belwan is 18 km approx. from Vrindavan and is famous for Shri Mahalaxmi temple. It is said during Maha Raas Lord Krishna played flute and all devatas started flying within Pushpa Vimana towards Braj. Goddess Mahalaxmi was watching the same questioned Sage Narad. Narad replied Shri Krishna is organizing Maha Raas thus devtaas are leaving. This created curiosity within the Goddess. She left Vaikunta towards Braj to watch Maha Raas. The moment she tried to enter Maha Raas gopi Lalita, Vishakha stopped her. Goddess Mahalaxmi started laughing by the act of gopi then Lord Krishna questioned Goddess why she is trying to enter Maha Raas without an invitation. Krishna said if you wish to watch Maha Raas first you have to worship for years as equal as gopi did for years. If your worship is liked by gopi I will invite you to watch Maha Raas. It is said since 5500 years till-date Mahalaxmi is worshiping Lord Krishna within Belwan. It is also said once Goddess Mahalaxmi felt alone within earth as at Vaikunta there are many devatas around. Then Lord Krishna appeared as child and requested for food. As there was no food available within the jungle goddess offered the child rice. Since then till-date each day Khichdi Bhandara is prepared within temple premises and first offered to Goddess Mahalaxmi and then distributed to devotees. It is believed during Poush mas Mahalaxmi arrived at this location from Vaikunta thus one month mela is held and lacs of devotees arrive to worship Goddess Mahalaxmi. It is believed only when Mahalaxmi wishes then a devotee will be able to visit Belwan Mahalaxmi temple. In earlier days there were lots-n-lots of Bael tree all around thus the name of the location is Belwan.

Temple Timings:
6 am – 1 pm
3 pm – 7 pm

5 am – 12 pm
4 pm – 8 pm

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