Amareshwar Mahadeo Temple (Ranthambhore, Rajasthan) – 1200 years Old Temple as Old as Ranthambhore Fort

Sawai Madhopur tour winter season I visited one of the oldest Shiva temples popularly known as Amareshwar Mahadeo. While talking the priest Shri Chiman Lal enhanced knowledge about The History of The Amareshwar Mahadeo temple. Chiman ji is the eight-generation priest for the temple.

It is said Amareshwar Mahadeo is 1200 years old temple as old as Ranthambhore Fort discovered past 300-400 years. To reach temple in early years was almost impossible because of dense jungle all around. Till today one has to walk/drive for one km inside the jungle area via Ranthambhore Road. Later man made path was made. During the rainy season a waterfall is an added attraction.

Shivarati is the day for Mela (fair) during day hours and Jagaran whole night.

The bus for Dungri Village and sharing Jeep service for Ranthambhore fort is available at Sawai Madhopur railway station or Ranthambhore Road to drop you close to Amareshwar Mahadeo temple and one km walk to reach temple. Bus/Jeep fare Rs. 5 – 10 per person. Hiring own taxi for a day is the best option to visit Dastkar, Ranthambhore fort, Amareshwar Mahadeo and town as well.

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